Omtech sh-g3020 question

Have have a nice Lasertree diode which uses lightburn and just want to ask a quick question. It mentions Lightburn on the Omtech website but I thought CO2 lasers had to have a board upgrade to be able to use it. Am I correct or will this model use it out of the box. As you may be able to tell, this would be my first CO2. Thanks everyone

Most (possibly all) OmTech CO2 lasers come with Ruida or Ruida sub-brand controllers which are supported by LightBurn. Ruida controllers fall under the DSP controller umbrella and require a DSP license which can be added to an existing G-code key.

You may be thinking of many K40 type lasers that come with M2 Nano boards or similar which are not supported by LightBurn. Those typically will get an upgraded controller to allow G-code control.

Brilliant, Thank you. Once I get it checked out and working, can I upgrade the license?


Indeed. Make sure you do the “Add DSP devices to existing license” option.

You can get to that page here:
LightBurn Software - Add DSP devices to existing license