On power up laser head overruns limit stops

Hi guys, I’ve got a red & black 80watt with Ruida controller. The homing of the laser has been out for a while ??? Don’t know why and don’t know really how to reset it to top right corner, BUT now on powering up the laser head returns to & past the limit switches on the top right and vibrates the whole machine until I press reset, after around 4 or 5 attempts the head will pick up the limit switch and work ok to laser on.
Tried looking in the controller to set parameters but it wants a code !!! I ain’t got the freaking code, never have.
Any chance you guys have a simple solution to this, driving me barmy !!!

Regards to all, Ray, UK :uk:

Hi Ray, i have a similar issue in the first steps when i changed my controller by a ruida 6442
Maybe the same problem, try this:

  1. put the head in X = 0 (over the right) and Y = a not important distance (maybe 2 inches or 50 mm, is the same)
  2. power off
  3. power on (with a hand over the emergency button, if the head start to crash, press the button)
  4. if the head look the Y limit switch and start ok, WITHOUT crashing, you have the “same version” of 6442s that me
    (basically, if the head reach first the X switch everything ok, and continue for the Y switch, BUT, in the searching of X nothing care, including a encounter with the Y switch !!!)
    More clear. park the head in 0,0 and press ORIGIN avery time before power off or at least park the head in X = 0 (over the right)

I hope my explanation will be clear and this explanation resolve your case. Please let us know

RD8888 :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, I’ll have a go at your suggestions, hopefully it cures my problem.

Hi guys, the code did not work, but pressing the main reset button on the front of the laser enabled the laser head to 0-0 on the top right corner and not crash into the barriers, great job, why it started to ram the barriers I don’t know, I’ve not adjusted any setting & had the machine nearly 3yrs,
Thank you for your help & support.
Ray :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::+1:t2::blush::uk:

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