One computer, 2 lasers, 4 cameras. Help!


I have been using one computer with one laser and two cameras. This has worked perfectly the last almost 2 years.

I line everything up, use the light burn camera to line up work on my piece and then start the job. Once the job is going I’ll switch to a secondary crappy webcam that is taped to the lid so I can monitor the job while it’s cutting to make sure everything is going smoothly while doing something else close by.

I have since added a second laser which I want to add another light burn camera and another web cam.

From the light burn software I can’t seem to figure out how to display two camera connections at once?

Is this possible? Or am I better off using a second computer and duplicating what I am doing on that one.

Was trying to simplify just using one computer and sending each job to the proper laser but can’t figire out how to monitor both jobs at once.

Let me know. Thanks.

You can’t monitor multiple cameras in LightBurn. If all you’re using it for is monitoring, you could just run the Windows Camera app, or any other camera software to see the feed from the webcam.