One or more shapes are crossing the edge of the machine workspace

I use a jpeg file to engrave a picture. The picture is not filling the full jpeg frame and to maximize the woodplate I rotated it about 20 degrees. The picture I want to engrave fits on the workspace, but the edge of the jpeg frame (as it is retangular) runs over the workspace. I believe this is the issue why LB is not starting to engrave this layer.
Is there a way to ovecome the error message and start engraving ?

Any idea ?

2 methods:

  1. Using mask
    1a. Create a shape around each raster image
    1b. Select image and shape
    1c. Right click on selection → Apply mask to image
    1d. Right click on selection → Flatten mask
  2. Trace raster image
    2a. Select image
    2b. Tools->Trace Image

Hi berainlb,

thanks for your help. I have success with your first suggestion using the mask, even I applied only up to step 1c it works. Flatten mask seems not to be neccessary.
I did not test suggestion 2, but from reading it sounds like after tracing I have to use fill in the layer definition. Will try tomorrow or later.

Many thanks for the fast help.

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