Ongoing USB problem

Using keyes controller on diy 30 watt diode laser. Can’t understand why Open Builds runs my laser
perfectly and LB’s controls won’t. Move arrows usually don’t respond or reverse direction. Using continuous motion the laser will only move a few inches then quits altogether. However, if I manually
move the laser into position and run a file the laser operates perfectly. I have had this problem since I
started using LB and no one has satisfactorily answered my quesstion?

Does the machine have limits / homing switches? If so, where are they?

If it’s running on a controller intended to drive a CNC, and isn’t specifically configured to be a laser controller, chances are you haven’t changed the workspace origin. They’re normally set to zero at rear-right, but then it’s intended that you’ll jog the head of the machine to the front-left of the work piece and zero it. LightBurn expects the zero to be front-left of the working area.

This is covered here in the docs:

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