Online Designer

I’ve been selling laser engraved products for a few years now, mainly through my website and I post my products worldwide, mostly to the Scouting market and most of these are laser engraved leather woggles. I do a lot of customised designs, but have found that when a customer sends in a design, it still needs a lot of work before it’s ready to send to the laser.

To make the process easier, I’ve had an online woggle designer developed, now the customer can design their woggle online save the image and upload the result to my website and then all I need to do is import it into Lightburn, trace it and send it straight to the laser. It isn’t perfect and will no doubt evolve over time, but customers are starting to use it.

If if you want to have a look you can find it here:

hopefully I’m not breaking any rules by posting the link.


What a great idea. I admit I had to look up what a woggle was however :slight_smile:


What an Awesome idea. :grinning: Good Luck for sure…


How do you sell your products through your website , do you use Ads or you do SEO of your website?

I’ve put a bit of work into SEO and my site ranks pretty highly in search engines. I don’t do much adverting as such. I created a Facebook Group about Scout Woggles which now has over 15,000 members and I often post my products in there.