Only 2 computers

I wanted to use 3 computers when I use light burn. I tried to install it on the third computer and it will not let me because I have limited out with 2. For me that is very disappointing. I use a desktop while I’m in the office, a laptop when not in the office and another laptop in the shop where its dusty. I sure don’t want to take a new laptop in the dust. Do you have to buy a second copy to get it on a third computer? RDworks don’t care how many computers I put it on. Any suggestions?

Drop them a line and they will usually activate an extra user on your licence at no charge.

All you have to do is ask nicely. :slight_smile: Send request along with you Key number to support at lightburnsoftware dot com.

If you need to install on a 3rd machine, we’re happy to update your license to allow it, at no cost. - LightBurn Licensing from the website.

Thank you, I sent the email off to with my license key and name. Maybe I will hear something back soon. Again Thanks a lot. Your a life saver.

WOW. Yall are fast, I already got a response and it’s done. Thanks a million. your the greatest!

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