Only 4 layers but should be 5

I purchased a dxf file that should be 5 layers. When I open the file in lightburn, it is only 4 layers. When I open the same dxf file in RD Works, it does display the 5 layers.
Why is lightburn deleting a layer?

Without seeing the file I couldn’t possibly say. Email the file to with a link to this thread and we can take a look.

In the cuts/layers area, count the actual layers. The first layer is not number one but double zero and so the rest of the layers may be numbered 1 to 4

I don’t have my pc in front of me but I know the layer numbers are random and only 4. I contacted the designer of the file and he split the svg into 5 layers not stacked on top of each other. I was able to work with that in LightBurn.
Thanks for the reply!

This this case the file had two colors that were both mapped to the same layer color in LightBurn because they were very close to it. Changing one of the original file colors to something different will differentiate the layer.

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