Only able to send 1 or 2 files to laser before its busy or paused

I have had my R & B 80watt omtech for over a year. I connect it to my PC via a usb cable. It is about 70’ long. I have had no issues sending files to the laser for this entire time. Starting about 3 days ago it started to give me this issue after 1 or 2 files sent to the laser. I am sending different files every time. It won’t let me send them with SEND or START. I tried just turning the laser on and off, just restarting LB but these don’t work. The only way to let me send files is if I restart my computer completely. I am not understanding why it is disconnecting while I am setting materials up after a few jobs. TIA

It would help if you stated …
1.the operating system on your computer;
2. Make and model of computer
3. version of Lightburn you are using.
4. Also- have you tried a different USB cable, closer to the machine? 70’ long is pretty long for USB without a repeater.

EDIT: I just read your profile to see you are using a Dell, OS10. I suggest you check another cable. Also- how many files do you have in the Ruida controller? They can be pretty uncooperative if they are almost full, 99 files.

I am running Windows 10. It is a Dell XPS PC. Lightburn version 1.1.03. I cleared the files on the controller. I am going to purchase another cord this afternoon, Just the last 4’ to the machine. I know 70’ is a long way but it keeps the computer away from the dust in the rest of the shop.

Can you do ethernet or wifi to the laser instead? They seem much more reliable than USB, especially at 70 feet!

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16 feet (5 meters) is the suggested cable length for reliable USB transfer. As suggested, can you use Ethernet?

Yep, I headed out of town and grabbed an ethernet cord. Thanks

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