Only book about LightBurn now free chapter available

Announcing the first book to feature an entire chapter on LightBurn, and so much more.

If you are considering a laser engraver, or have one, you need to give serious attention to your workflow, among other things. What tools will you need to measure, cut, trim, burnish, drill, and sand your workpieces?

I have released one free chapter from my new book Focusing on Laser Engraving and Decorating: Affordable, Versatile, and Creative Marking, Engraving and Cutting ( The chapter, “Prep and Finishing Laser-Processed Materials” can be read on- or off-line, and distributed freely.

Links for the items in the chapter can be viewed at Resources for Laser Engraving/Cutting Prep and Finishing – The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing. Items purchased through the links may generate a small commission.

Focusing on Laser Engraving and Decorating is the book that hobbyists, makers, crafters, and artists have been waiting for! Now with the use of low-cost laser engraving and cutting devices users can make a wide variety of objects, including awards and plaques, bracelets and earrings, miniature furniture and dioramas, bookmarks and cheeseboards, clocks and gift boxes, and so much more. According to the author, Michael Kleper, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the Rochester Institute of Technology, “We have moved from using laser printers to image on paper to using laser engravers to image on almost anything!”

Chapters cover essential information including: the importance of Air Assist; material testing; recordkeeping; laser prep and finishing; Ortur and xTool laser engraver/cutters; LightBurn software; G-code; fabrication; stencils; rotary laser engraving; materials for laser engraving and cutting; pre/post surface treatments; laser engraver/cutter feature guide; and extensive appendices.

The book is the only comprehensive introductory text on the subject.

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