Only certain areas


is it possible to laser only certain areas of a project again or to skip other areas?
If so, how?

You can choose the number of passes on a certain layer.
if its many objects , change the color of the object you want to make more than 1 pass

Hope it helps

what I do is take the objects that you don’t want to burn again and put them into a different layer. Make sure that new layer is turned off.
Once you are done and clear the screen, lightburn will ask if you want to save, say no. Then your original drawings are kept as you started.

It’s mainly about areas that I don’t like so much after a laser pass, but which I don’t always know in advance…
I thought you could mark a certain area and then laser it again and only this ?!

You can turn off layers you don’t want to burn by unchecking the ‘output’ box. You can also select just the things you want to burn again, and turn on ‘Cut Selected Graphics’.

Blake’s suggestion, using the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ switch is likely the simplest - it’s intended use is re-cutting things that didn’t make it all the way through, and it doesn’t alter the overall job origin unless you also turn on ‘Use Selection Origin’.

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