Only have 1 site for software

I know we are normally allowed 2 seats on each license and that is what I had. When I went to move my software to a new computer in my workshop (Boss Laser) It only thought I had one seat. I think the problem was I had used the second seat in my office computer which died about a year ago. I didn’t think about the lost seat until know. I couldn’t retrieve the hard drive, it was toast. My license is ■■■LICENSE KEY REDACTED■■■ registered to Dale Maxim purchased from Boss Laser on Dec 11 2019. I have recently upgraded to the latest version so my license key is currently active. By the way you guys have a great program that I recommend to new laser operators. Thanks if you can reactivate me to two seats.

You need to remove your license from your post. Never post this info!

Check out the license portal in the upper right of the forum and you can remove the dead computer.

Please be careful when you post in future to not include your license key (or other personal info), as these posts are public and we don’t want someone to steal your key; it’s your proof of ownership.

One of my lovely coworkers has removed your key from your original post, so you’re safe for now.

You should be able to deactivate your old license using these instructions; Moving Your License to a New Computer – LightBurn Software.

If you have any hassles let us know!

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