Op Stop M1 question

Is there a way to put a op stop M1 in program.
I need to stop program part way thru to remove some material before moving forward.

I googled this and I’m not quite sure what you’re after.

When I need to clear loose or ejected material after a few loose pieces are made I’ll split a project into several layers and just run part of the project at a time.

Adding tabs can prevent pieces from being ejected or being blown around by the air assist.

Some pictures and further description of what you’re doing may inform us more. :slight_smile:

M1 is a g code to stop a program at a specific point then restart at that point not start over. I know pause works but I have a job where I need to flip part. I go to a reference point then flip and resume. But if I pause it stops in the way of flipping. Haven’t figured out how to get into g code and run it cause I could edit there possibly. I’m CNC programmer but need to get into g code then run same program.
Hope this makes sense.

What controller is this for? Are you certain your firmware supports M1?

There’s no way in LightBurn to modify g-code. The closest thing is you can have a static Start or End set of codes that run for every job.

Optionally you could save the g-code, modify by hand, and then run g-code from LightBurn.

Intriguing, with limit switches on one of the Diode machines, the Print and Cut feature and making it into the two steps might allow the engraving to be flipped over and resumed as desired.

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