Open/import/save crashes the program

I can not open, save or import files without the program crashing, please help.

And, yes, under file settings I have tried “bypass system load”

Hi Amanda,

Could you please provide some more details so that we can better understand your issue?

For example, is it all files, a specific type of file, or only a single file? Can you provide examples?

Its any/all files, anytime I hit open/import/save it doesn’t even let me select any file, it just closes down right away.

Windows 10, 64 bit processor, lightburn v 0.9.11

Is there a crash report, or does the program simply close?

program simply closes

You say you’ve already enabled the “Bypass system file dialogs” setting, but the window you’re showing on the Facebook video posted is the standard one.

Can you double check that setting? Does it do exactly the same thing, or behave differently?

This is, unfortunately, an operating-system level crash. LightBurn asks Windows to show a file open / save window, and Windows handles it from there. Do you have anything different about your system, like DropBox or Google Drive shares, a network drive, or anything like that you can think of that might be unique?

Doing a bit of digging around on the Web, is your computer a Dell? They have a backup and recovery tool that includes thumbnail extensions that use a different version of the framework we use, and that apparently causes crashes like this one. Turning off the preview extension for the Dell backup software can fix the crash.

I also see that installing the 32 bit version has bypassed the issue for you. This does work, because the conflicting libraries mentioned above are 64 bit, so they only affect the 64 bit version, but it means you’ll have significantly reduced memory available for the app, and might not be able to run large jobs or image engravings.

If you’re still around, I have what should be a fix for this. Would you be willing to try it?

I’ve never been able to reproduce this crash on my own computers, but I’ve done enough reading to know what’s causing it and have completely changed how LightBurn presents the file Open / Save windows to get around the problem.

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