Open LB files with double click doesn't work on OSX

Hi ! I have a problem using assigned files to LB on OSX (10.13.6).

Files are just assigned to open with Lightburn (I have checked this going to Info—>Open With---->LB----> Change all) but icon files are “blank type” and If I make a double click on any file it doesn’t make anything. I only can open files from LB menu “Open file…” or using dragging option.

Is not a mayor problem but it’s a thing that bothers me sometimes. I don’t know if this a general problem or maybe I have to configure something on my OSX.

Thanks at all for reading

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is not a configuration issue on your end. We have a known issue with file association on OSX and on the list to resolve.

Ok ! good to know Rick. Thanks to you and the the whole staff to make possible this awesome software :relaxed:

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