Open multiple LightBurn instances on a Mac?

I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to open Lightburn in multiple instances on a Mac like you can in Windows?

This really is an operating system thing. Apple makes this a little more difficult than it ought to be but is perfectly doable.

Take a look here:
macos - Launch multiple instances of application in Mac - Stack Overflow

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Perfect, that worked for me

Do you know where the 2nd invocation of Lightburn reads it’s configuration, such as the ‘current’ device…?

Some one asked this and I could only speculate.


It uses the same prefs and default device. It’s literally just instantiating another instance of the program in memory rather than “intelligently” swapping to the running instance. I don’t use this much from but memory I don’t believe it will cut off your current device connection so not sure if there’s any intelligence there or it’s just blocked on the device.

I was suspicious that it has only a single instance of files at startup… Makes sense.



If you’re curious, @adammhaile had an interesting post where he shows how to use independent prefs file for different instances. He shows this for Windows but looks like the principles could be used for other OSes.

For Mac you can call open -n <path_to_LB_app>
The next big release will probably have a profile manager and the ability to just choose File > New Window but that will be at least a few months out.


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