Open shapes on preview/cut, but not in select

So far, I love the software. It’s helped me create and realize so many projects, but when I finally felt comfortable enough to take a larger scale commission (as part of a test run for future work), it turned on me.

I make sure that all my layers are set to output, and Preview gives me a window that says it found 30 open shapes so it’s removing them. Frustrating, but not too bad. I’ve made sure that there is no grouped items, and selected all of them. Then when I click on “close selected paths”, it shows me 0 open shapes. Great. Go back to Preview, and it still shows me 30 open shapes. Arrrrgh.

Since I’ve already wasted material on the first sheet of this project, how on earth do I check this? I’ve looked over the shapes in Preview with a fine toothed comb, and nothing pops out at me. What am I missing?

Did you trace an image that had a bunch of noise in it? The only time I’ve seen this fail is with single-point objects that are one little spline-loop that comes out of, and goes back to, a single point. They’re usually too small to see in the engraving, so the warning is annoying but doesn’t affect the end result. If you can’t see anything wrong in the preview, you’re probably fine. If you send the file to the developer@lightburnsoftware email I can have a look tomorrow to verify.

Thanks for responding so quickly! I was sent files that were on Thingiverse, and nested them to fit. I’m wondering if maybe I didn’t introduce some problems by doing that.

Is there any possibility of adding a nesting feature to Lightburn? I love the array ability, but nesting would take it to the next level.

Nesting is planned, but it’s Really Damn Hard™ so it’s going to take some time.

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