Open shapes set to scan

My design has 2 lines on it (in blue) which are open. On a previous occasion I did it with a different design and it was no problem. In this case LB removes that part of the design. I need that part to be included. What is there that I can do plse? I use Illustrator.

Change the layer type from fill to line for the 2 blue lines.

Do you mean in Illustrator? That I had done from the beginning.

No, in LightBurn - In the Cuts window, the blue layer will be set to Fill. Change that to Line.

My apologies but I don’t see it.

Oh, you’re using an older version from before the names were changed. Click ‘Scan’ and change it to ‘Cut’ to match the red layer.

Oh wow ok thx. I just noticed that just now and thought it should be changed anyway. Where do I get the now version?

Click Help > Check for Updates and follow the prompts.

You can see what’s changed or been added with each release here:

Thank you very much.
Is there a video specifically about the use of Library?
I haven’t been able to figure it out.

The material library, I assume?

There isn’t a video that shows the usage from scratch, though that’s a good idea. This thread has some discussion of how to use it, as well as links to the documentation and a video:

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Thank you for your time. I’ve spent 2 days trying to solve this myself and now the work can continue. Thx for this, I will go look through that tread. If I can use the Library it will save me going outside and switching the machine on just to be able to do quotations.

This is what I get when clicking in this link.

Don’t click “video tutorial”, click “How to use the material library” - that will bring you to the discussion on it, which includes the discussion of the video link not working. :slight_smile:

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