Opened an new design but the laser cuts the old one

I created a new design. Every time I tell the laser to start, it engraves and cuts the previous design. How can I get the new design to work? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Is your laser connected via network? Even if not, consider to purge existing files from the controller memory to see if that eliminates the problem.

Are you telling it to start on the controller on the laser or on the computer?

I am not totally technology dumb! :crazy_face: But can you tell me how to purge existing files from the controller memory?! I am new to this software so I’m not sure how to do everything.

I have been starting from the computer. I will try the laser today and see if that works.

With LightBurn, it’s easy. Select the files tab, click refresh to show you the list, then use the Delete all files button to clear them.

Thanks I will try that!

Thanks I’ll give it a try

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