Opening 2 page PDF

Hello, I have been creating etching files from PDF of machining prints and this has been working really well except when I have a PDF file that is two pages and the second page is a screen grab of a 3D model. It opens the page two that has a color image but I can’t figure out how to just open page one of the line drawing I want to use. Am I missing something, of is this an issue?

Thank you for posting this question. We have been working on expanding and refining our PDF file support over the last few releases and are currently working to provide what you are asking for.

  • [Oz] Will now import a specific page from a PDF

This addition is currently in our internal beta and is working well. For now, you could open your multi-page PDF in an external application, then export individual pages as single-page PDFs for importation into LightBurn.

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Ok thanks for the insight, and I am happy to hear that this will be released soon!

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