Opening saved .lbrn2 file, distorted lines

Hi, i just finished working on a file an saved it. Its taken many hours work to get the file where it is so its quite frusting to find when i opened it i found that there were many instances of the vectors becoming distorted. please see Pic attached. I’ve attached the “edit node” view for analysis. What appears to be happening is it is taking random straight lines and grouping their midpoints together far off the edge of the picture. Any advice would be greatly welcomed upon how to fix this/stop it happening in future…
I’ve tried reinstalling lighburn.

thanks in advance

Also with noting:

Latest version of lightburn:

Mac OS (currently updating to see if this resolves issue)

Problem didn’t happen before on previous versions of same saved file. And when I open them it doesn’t happen. Just on the latest iteration of saved file.

I’m using about 10 different layers on the file.

Update: I installed lightburn on my windows 10 PC, went through and manually re traced the broken elements and deleted them. When saved the file now opens ok again. Hopefully this was just some glitch!

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