Optical Ilusion

I lasered a big picture
Spruce 250 x 550 mm
What is hidden in the picture???Optical illusion
Much luck
Neje about 7.5 watts
6000 mm/min 75% performance
Exactly 8 hours
without pretreatment
Anyone have experience with borax?
because the lines should be darker?
Greetings Grassy


In my experiments with borax lines will come out extremely dark and with very low power levels. I’ll add that the look of the engraving is also very different so takes on a very different tone.

The effect I would say looks more like a print or surface finish. It looks much less like a burn and does not reveal the wood texture as you would expect in a non-treated burn. This was at least true on the low power settings I used. This was done on plywood of unknown species.

J’ai fait quelques essais avec du borax, le résultat est spectaculaire quant au contraste, les noirs sont très noirs mais si on passe le doigt ou un pinceau dessus le brulé s’étale et noircit la planche, si on passe avec une éponge humide il ne reste presque rien. J’en déduis que c’est le borax qui a brulé et non le bois. Peut-être faudrait-il vaporiser du vernis pour figer le résultat.

I did a few tests with borax, the result is spectacular in terms of contrast, the blacks are very black but if you run your finger or a brush over it, the burnt spreads and blackens the board, if you go over it with a damp sponge there is almost nothing left. I deduce that it was the borax that burned and not the wood. Perhaps it would be necessary to spray varnish to freeze the result.

Thanks for your tips, will continue to burn my wood without pre-treatment
Greetings Grassy

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can you share the image you start from?

I don’t understand the question clearly.
do you mean share? if you can laser the picture on 2 x,
eg. laser away from the center ?
we be hard to find the same zero point??
or do you mean something different?
I read and write with a translator, so many things are twisted!
LG from Austria***

You had that image from which you engraved the wood, i ask you if you can share that image :wink:

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ok is that ok?
or do you need my settings too?
Have fun I would be happy to see a finished picture !!!

thank you very much, is exactly what i intended :wink:
no thanks i use my settings :slight_smile:

Hay Rob:
Cheat like I do sometimes. Right click on the image, copy image and past it in one of your files.
I bet I have copied a hundred pics here in finished creations. And what I copy burns real good for me.
R. Cline

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