Optimization help

Can someone tell me how to get the text in this file to burn without jumping around all over the place. I think I have tried every possible combination of settings…
Power scale grid.lbrn (18.3 KB)

Your text is set to line, not to fill. Also, within each power setting, you can change it to Scan all shapes at once.

The file has an anomaly between the two bottom lines of numbers. Use Select Open Shapes set to Scan to identify the location. Because it’s the only problem location, once selected, you can delete it. Alternatively, if you trigger the preview, it will offer to delete it for you.

Thank you Fred. I knew that the text was set to line, but didn’t realize that it wouldn’t optimize if set to line.

LightBurn provides optimization for all cut types and options.

Group all your text into a single top level group. then Choose ‘Order by Layer’ and then ‘Order by Group’ and I also set ‘Cut inner shapes first’. These changes reduces the amount of bouncing around during the job.


Look at this for more on the LightBurn Cut Planner and optimization.

Thanks RIck. I tried this, but still not as “optimized” as when using fill on the text and for the purpose of this file, that’s good enough.
I had already watched that video. Thanks again - great forum!