Optimization: Order by vs Remove overlapping lines priority

Laser Optimization Settings seem wrong to me:

I have, at the top, group by Priority, Group.Layer. I also have Remove overlapping lines: Hmm, not seeing an upload option or I would put a screen shot here :frowning:

Anyway … so I’m burning a production set ot items (27/ page) which I have set up trying to insure that each item is COMPLETELY finished before any burns start on the next item. However, what I’m seeing is incomplete outer cuts before the next (some number of) items are etched and burned.


Ah! pasting the image worked! :slight_smile:

So as you see, based on top-down order (if that’s relevant?) all operations should be grouped by 1) Priority (I have none set), 2) Group (every product is seperately grouped), then 3) Layer (my layers have cuts last in the list.)

I try to do this to insure that if something goes wrong, at least the products that have actually completed will not be affected (hope!!). This does NOT work, apparently:

If you look at the center/bottom 4 products in this (fuzzy, my phone sucks!! horribly, sorry!!) image, the right sides of those items are NOT CUT OUT! why???

I managed to catch and stop this … whatever bad happened above, not sure yet … but those 4 products are lost because they were not cut out prior to starting working on the 3rd column of products. (and it was definitely going left to right by column.) I just lost time and wood for no reason I can understand!!!

How do I FORCE LightBurn to generate gcode (that I then export to LaserGRBL) that COMPLETELY finalizes each product (e.g. group) before moving on to the next? I’ve been fighting this for 2 months now!!! It’s driving me nuts :open_mouth: