Optimization settings and actual cut path

As a developer I really do appreciate the work done in LB. Lots of sophisticated algorithms. The conversion code from graphics to GRBL code must be quite extensive.

This is a shot of the shapes:

And the optimization settings:


I numbered the objects to show only the order in which I would cut these. Two layers. One for cuts and one for text. (Text engraving not numbered).

I have watched the tutorial and followed along using the same settings. I also read many posts here.

Alas, it still does not seem to follow any logical pattern. It does quite a bit of long traversing and jumping from one shape to another. Similarly when working on the second layer. It doesn’t always finish one piece of text. In some cases, it jumps to another letter and returns to finish.

Some of the settings are working:

  • Cut inner layer first
  • Choose best starting point
  • Choose corners

Seems that the order in which items are drawn is used for the order of cuts. I can see how this would be an easier implementation.

So, how can I set this up to cut as I imagined.

NOTE: I am using the preview to check these settings.

Turn off ‘Reduce Direction Changes’ - The public version of this puts too much weight on the direction, and will often pick something quite far away if it’s in-line with the direction of travel. The next release has significant improvements to this setting, and does a much better job.

I believe you can also click each shape, go to Shape Properties, assign a priority, then optimize by layer and then priority. That way you can pick the order that each shape is cut.

That did the trick. Thanks.

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