Optimization Settings - Cut in direction order?

Was hoping 1.0 helped vs, 0.9.20, but still doesn’t seem to work.

I’m trying to change the Optimization Settings, specifically the Cut in Direction.
No matter what I do, it always engraves from the bottom UP, instead of Top down.

I was able to get it to change the behavior in the layer, by setting the Scan angle from 0 to 180.

But doesn’t this defeat the purpose of Cut Optimizations?

Not sure if its because I have a Ruida 6440, but this is native to Lightburn just using preview.

Is there a settings that is over-riding the cut in direction i’m missing?

The direction when engraving a single item is controlled by the ‘Scan Angle’ value in the Fill or Image layer setting. Set that to 180 degrees to fill top-down instead of bottom-up. Bottom-up is the default since most machines exhaust in the back, and pulling smoke across the freshly engraved area, especially on wood and acrylic, results in more smoke stuck to it.

The ‘Cut in Direction’ setting only affects the order in which multiple individual items are processed. If your design was 10 images, stacked top to bottom, setting ‘Cut from top’ would scan the top image from the bottom up, then then the 2nd from top image, from bottom up, and so on.

It’s always worked this way.

Hmm, ok. Good to know.

Maybe u should rename it to Multiple Object Cut direction.


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