Optimization Settings Help Please

How do I reset my settings for Cut Optimiaztion? I can’t click on 4 of the settings. My projects cut all willy nilly all over the board.

The Hide Backlash option forces the grayed out options to be on, so you can’t change them.

What do you mean by “all over the board” - the Hide Backlash option also forces certain cutting behavior choices, so if you want a more optimized path, you’ll have to turn that off. With it on, there are specific moves that have to be made to keep the start and end points aligned, so you can have an optimized path with minimal travel moves, or hidden backlash, but not both.

Thank you for your help. It still just seems to go here and there cutting in different areas.

Post this LBRN file, and we can take a look, or if you’re not comfortable posting it here, email it to support@lightburnsoftware.com and include a link to this thread.

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