Optimize selected shapes

trying to optimize some shapes…tried selecting all the shapes that are ungrouped and also tried just selecting 1 shape. as you can see in the screen shots it appears to work immediately

when hitting alt+o without using the sliders at all and moving the sliders does not change anything…hitting ok does not save the optimization changes

Edit: i opened another file and optimize works as expected…any suggestions on how to get it to work on this one?

The issue I see is that your file already contains curves, and the current optimizer only works on line primitives - I don’t have curve smoother yet, but that’s coming.

Not sure what you mean…it seems to work on every other curve shape i try

Optimize Selected Shapes will only operate on parts of a path that are line segments, not splines / curves.

You could make it work by using Edit > ‘Convert to Cut’ to make a copy of your shape that is converted from curves to line segments, and then run the optimizer on the new copy.

Thanks I’ll try that

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