Optimizing/Grouping objects so there is less traverse traveling time

Hi friends,

Looking for assistance on optimizing my traverse traveling time with the laser head so I can reduce cutting times. Please watch the video below to understand my setup:

Thank you!


Thank you for reaching out and supporting LightBurn. If you post this file, we can look at how you have this setup, but I also want to go the “Teach a man to fish…” route to help in understanding the options available. They can be a bit confusing for the uninitiated. :wink:

First, have a look at this video. In it, Oz goes over the optimizations and how and when they affect the cut planning. Released when we first provide this new planner, but the concepts remain the same.

You will also want to understand how the ‘Fill Settings’ affect the job processing as well: ‘Fill Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

Run through these resources, then post back with your file. We might be able to refine your settings to help optimize to your liking.

Example_LightburnForum_Optimization.lbrn (1.7 MB)

Here’s the file for review, I’ll watch that video right now Rick, thanks!


Thank you Rick

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