Order of cutting

Good evening:
I just finally upgraded to the newest version this evening, and went to laser a sign. Regardless of what level I had the frameat the top, the middle or the bottom, it seem to do the order it wanted to instead of the order that I had arranged it to do. Prior to the upgrade, it would engrave the first line 1st then the second line then the third line so on and so on I just tried engraving just two lines and it chose the frame 1st the second line 1st regardless of whether I had it in the first line or the second line is this a glitch or am I doing something Wrong ? Thank you.

There are Optimization Settings in the Laser window that can change the order of the output.

Have a look there first.

If the options seem unclear or confusing, you’re welcome to share your project file here and/or some screen captures of the Optimization Settings and how your project appears so that we can follow along more closely.

This is a handy reference for screenshots.

Thanks went and reset optimize settings as per your suggestions. Now back to normal

Have a great day

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