Orientation and slide bar

As I continue to watch youtube videos I have yet to see anything on these 2 issues I have. I am sure it’s likely just a setting I have wrong but your help would be appreciated. I have a 60w yellow black Chinese with rudia controller.

  1. The orientation of my burn is 180 deg off from the laptop screen. Attached is a pic from the front of my machine. I have the corner set in the back left as shown in the set up video.

  2. I don’t have a slide bar on either the X or Y grid that will allow me to move the entire grid up or down. I can only zoom with the wheel on my mouse. Hope I am explaining this correctly

Orientation can be fixed by moving the Origin corner in the device settings. On a DSP controller, that corner should match the one your laser homes to when you power it up.

There are no scroll bars in LightBurn. You can press the middle mouse button (or the wheel) to drag the view around. You can also quickly zoom to your current selection (or the whole file, if nothing is selected) with Ctrl + Shift + A.

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