Origin and Current Position Set to Upper Left but it's cutting from the center of the board

Second day of working with a laser and with Lightburn, just getting started. Last night, I successfully cut a couple of items. This morning, I’m having issues after one successful cut.

I began getting a fill slop message. I had the job origin in the upper left, the start from set to ‘current position,’ and the laser head was positioned in the upper left of the wood to cut about a half inch in in both directions.

I tried several different files and had the same thing happen.

Then I tried it again, but this time it cut the item out of the center of the wood instead of the upper left.

How can I fix this?

It has to do with the coordinate system. Lightburn has a lot of setup videos for it.

You need to set your machine ‘device settings’ that tell lightburn how your laser is configured. If it homes at the top left, like mine I have the upper left box checked. Edit → device settings

When you start up the machine usually homes, then moves to it’s ‘origin’.

If the head is in the middle of the work area, along with ‘current position’ then that’s where it’s going to lase the job.

I set my origin from the front control panel and have the option set for “User Origin”.

The Job origin allows the head to start elsewhere. Engraving, I want the smoke and debris to move over the engraved area. So I set job origin in the front allowing the extraction system to move it to the rear.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Are you using a CNC with a laser attached? If so, did you do any CNC work recently?

No, I’m using a Thunder Nova 24. No other equipment.

I put those in yesterday. I double checked all of the reverse compensation settings and they are correct. I double checked the user origin and it’s correct.

It sounds like I need to move the job origin of everything to the lower right corner, then.

I changed the job origin to the lower right and the start from to be current position. I have it positioned about a half-inch in from the lower right corner in both directions. It’s giving me a slop fill error on the XY axis.

When I ask it to frame the job, it does so correctly.

I got it figured out. I have to hit the origin button on the machine before each job.

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It should remember the origin. Unless you are moving it to start at a different place. :slight_smile:

Slop error is when the head doesn’t have enough room at the end of the image to slow, stop and get back up to speed going the other direction. Sometimes referred to as ‘overscan’

Back away from the side it’s complaining about. If you press enter it will try and frame it. You should esc out.

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