Origin controls and alignment

new question! the origin point in lightburn is different from what appears on the machine screen (boxford bgl690) it burns back to front from what is on the drawing in lightburn( from right to left), also the image is reversed on the machine. this is not that much of a problem as i have been told to use lightburn for all applications and not the machine, but its a bit irritating! the machine origin is set to top right as is the 9 button origin in the main window
second question
when i draw a square in lightburn and add text, i use the alignment tools, i use the align vertical and horizontal button which centre the text but when i burn it its off centre and i am having to offset it to get it to centre?
any ideas?
thanks for all your help

Is this were it homes?

This is the job origin. If it’s at the top right it will produce the image down and to the left, if that makes sense…

Since this is a valid menu, you must be running in other than absolute coordinates in the start from value.

Some of this may be how you have start from and job origin values.

It would also help with assisting you if it’s possible to post the artwork you are using along with screen shots of the laser window and possibly your cut/layer settings.

On the Ruida console you can set the screen orientation and probably fix this…

Z/U → Screen origin

On mine, the screen origin on the Ruida console is the same as the machine origin in Lightburn and where the machine homes when it boots. All of mine are top/left.

I would think that would be the normal… all the same.

Hope that helps…


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awesome!! i changed the screen origin on the machine and now the burn orientation is correct and it centres properly. the screen origin was set to top left whilst all my other setting s were set to top right
super helpful, many thanks for your help

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