Origin in device setting, Left and Right X movement are backwards on origin bottom left

Using release 0.9.16
I have a simple Nano controller using 1.1E
My origin in device setting is set for bottom left corner. When I go to jog left X goes right and vis versa.

If I move the origin in device setting to bottom right, my left and right arrow key work fine. Problem is my I use the left corner.

Any help would be grateful.

Here is my GRBL code not sure if anything needs to be changed. I did have to flash a new nano with 1.1e code. The last nano got destroyed.

$0=10 $1=25 $2=0 $3=0 $4=0 $5=0 $6=0 $10=1 $11=0.010 $12=0.002 $13=0 $20=0 $21=0 $22=0 $23=0 $24=25.000 $25=500.000 $26=250 $27=1.000 $30=1000 $31=0 $32=0 $100=250.000 $101=250.000 $102=250.000 $110=500.000 $111=500.000 $112=500.000 $120=10.000 $121=10.000 $122=10.000 $130=200.000 $131=200.000 $132=200.000 ok

Yes, you will need to change these to match that of your machine. These look to be the defaults.

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