Origin Position Bug

I did do a separate long-winded question on this elsewhere without getting an answer, I couldn’t find a bug report section, so I’ve entered it here.


MacOS 12.7.4 Macbook Pro or 27” Imac

LB v1.6.0

Laser - Xtool D1 Pro 2W with extensions - bed size 930x430 (approx).


1 Device Settings - Swap X/Y axes to allow a “landscape” view - X axis is now horizontal at 930mm

2 Device Settings - Set origin (0,0) to top left of the four buttons.


Origin 0,0 is now at top left of screen and “home” position switches are at top right of screen (930,0) which is correct.

Draw a 50mm square anywhere, set it’s top left as reference, set it’s X/YPos as 100,100. LB shows it’s placement on the bed correctly; 100mm to the right and down from the top left origin of 0,0.

Run the cut, LB cuts it 100mm left and down referenced from the home position - NOT from the origin !

Am I missing something ?

Sounds like there may be a fundamental misunderstanding of how the configuration is to be done.

I’m interpreting this to say that you made two changes to the device configuration.

Also, based on your description it sounds like you rotated the machine 90 degrees clockwise from original configuration. If that’s not the case then please correct that.

Instead of the two changes you need only enable the “Swap X/Y” to provide a landscape view. All other changes are automatically applied.

For an xTool machine the origin and home position should be the same. Change Origin to top-right to match the location of home.

Alternatively, disable X/Y swap, then make sure origin is at top-left and all other settings correct (e.g. laser pointer offset), then re-enable X/Y swap without subsequently making other changes.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Perhaps, but it does appear to me to be a fairly logical operation ?

Correct, rotate the bed 90deg to landscape, then move the origin.

That is correct

?? Swapping X/Y rotates the bed 90 deg to landscape correctly, but places the origin at the top right of the bed.
My choice is to have the origin at the top left (the mechanical home position remaining at the top right) - it keeps the laser head away from the work area when placing materials at the origin reference using an absolute system) - hence the selection of the top left “origin” selection button.

I personally see no software reason why they have to occupy the same location ? Surely, it’s a LB choice as to where the home and origin positions should be ? The home location is a hardware zero reference, the origin is wherever you want it to be - LB even allows this using it’s own set origin/clear origin buttons ?

Mmm, that takes us back to the beginning surely ? LB places the home and origin “automatically” back to the top right again. The four origin buttons in device settings reflect that.

Origin is not an arbitrary selection but rather the consequence of how your machine is designed and configured. For xTool machines origin needs to match with home position. The setting in LightBurn needs to reflect your specific machine rather than it being a user decision that get imposed to the machine.

With more flexible machines you could reconfigure the machine to change origin with some effort.

The controller on the laser reports position based on specific coordinates. That ultimately determines machine origin.

I could see a situation where LightBurn could be made to have a virtual origin independent of the machine origin but that’s not how this works today.

@berainlb has this well under control, but I suspect rotating the machine is where the confusion comes in. Did you rotate the machine CW or CCW? A top-right Home becomes a bottom-right if CW, and a top-left if CCW. This is independent of what you tell Lightburn. because the switches are not moved on the frame.

Machine origin and Work origin are not the same, but can be. Or not. Homing a machine sets the Machine Origin, which is fixed. The other is a software variable.

As PY already mentioned, that is nothing you can choose by yourself, it’s defined by the machine. If you want to choose a different origin, use the “user origin” functions, or the “return to finish position” option in device settings. Those can mimic your desired behavior.
To change the machine origin, you usually need to change settings in the firmware for the machine to report a different origin to LB. But I don’t know if xTool still supports that.

I missed this in my earlier reply. Set origin allows you to change the relative position of the origin but not the orientation of the origin. Meaning it doesn’t change the direction of positive vs negative coordinates.

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