Ortur 12v module on NEJE frame and board

I see ALOT of people wanting to do this the other way, but is it possible (and has anyone done it) to put the LM2 SF head(12v) on the NEJE Master 2s board and frame…what would I need to do? As far as my experience goes my LM2s engrave much better than my NEJE 40A630s and 40a640…I don’t cut with these lasers…I have a couple CO2 lasers to handle that…if not possible and I have to replace the internals I will opt to go with a Yora 15w as they engrave better than both…just kinda want to save a couple hundered $$$

You will have to research a couple of things.

In general most of the LED lasers have three connections, +/-/pwm. Basically power and pwm which controls the duty cycle of the laser (illusion of power control).

Are both lasers powered at the same voltage. Some are 12v and some are 24v. If the board turns this voltage on/off then it will complicate the conversion. Generally most of a separate power/pwm cable.

The pwm signals are usually TTL level or 0 to 5v so they can be controlled by most boards.

This handles the electrical. You still need to be able to mount it at the proper height for your laser. Meaning the mechanical side needs to be evaluated also.

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Mechanical is doable…electrical wise I just compared the 2. Neje is a 4 wire module and Ortur is a 3…I guess I could have made my post easier than my long windedness…do I ground, power, or let hang the 4th wire going back to the control board…I’m assuming it controls the speed of the fan on the neje

In reviewing the product description for a NEJE module I think that 4th wire is to pass temperature readings back from the laser module to the controller.

Since the Ortur doesn’t have this you’d have to omit it. I assume the Neje firmware has some algorithm for dealing with temperatures to address duty cycle. What’s not clear, though, is if the controller will function without a temperature reading.

In that case you’d either have to come up with a way to pass a dummy temperature signal or hope that there’s a software way of disabling the feature.

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