Ortur 15 Watt vs 20 Watt

Thinking to upgrade my Ortur 7 watt. What would be the advantage and what can be done with the 20 watt vs 15 watt? Is the 20 watt worth the extra $30.00?

As I understand it the 15 and 20 watts are INPUT wattage not the OUTPUT wattage.

I have seen some ‘15w’ laser actually stated to have an output of only 5w.

In other words you may go backwards from your 7w!

I do understand the 15 Watt is about 4.5 watt output and not sure about the 20 watt.

No point in upgrading then.

Oxlasers on AliExpress do a 5.5w output laser but that is the highest I have seen.

It’s about £50 at the mo from the ‘oxlasers super store’ on AliExpress

Unscrupulous sellers will make up any old BS to convince you to buy their stuff. ‘Input wattage’ is just such an example of BS. It’s not real. It’s not measured. They lie.

You need to know the make and model of the diode.

If it ain’t Nichia, just walk away.

Nichia NUBM44-V2 / NUBM47 are the best-performing Laser diodes you can get. They are 7W.

I made the mistake of buying an Endurance Laser diode - it was diabolical. He’s such an unscrupulous seller, advertising one thing and supplying another.

I then bought a couple of NUBMs from the US suppliers that advertise on Laser Pointer Forum and they were fantastic.

Like going from a dodgy K40 to a Reci 130W. Chalk and cheese.

A NUBMxx from a reputable supplier will run you about US$80. Or you can buy a complete module from J-Tech Photonics - they use Nichia diodes and their engineering is sound.

As well as the diode itself, the driver is just as important.

Again the guys at Laser Pointer Forum have a bunch of very good ones. One manufacturer in particular - X-Wossee on eBay - makes great PWM-controllable, proper, drivers for laser diodes.

Really nice design, impeccably made.

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