Ortur 15w laser master was working but now fires weak light only

HI there, Purchased my Ortur 15w laser master. Assembled it, installed Lightburn, and managed to do 14 successful engraving burns. Did not even attempt cutting at 100% power yet. On the 15th test cut, the laser gave a weak beam only which did not increase despite me increasing power in ‘move’ and ‘cuts and layers’ tab. Had a good long search of various online forums and drawn a blank.
Tried this fix from the forum…

‘Check that the $30 setting in your laser controller matches the S-value max setting in the device settings in LightBurn. A mismatch between those settings could cause either of the issues you described. Type $$ in the console and press enter, or go to Edit > Machine Settings to see the $30 setting. Then go to Edit > Device Settings and look along the right edge, middle of the window for the S-Value Max setting. They have to be the same number’

My $30 settings and S-Value power settings after checking are the same.
I am getting a small red led light coming on when the on the circuit board above the laser when cutting. Fan also coming on straight away

Any ideas please folks? cant believe the Ortur has only worked for such a short time. Hope its just me not found some setting or other yet!


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Could you please run this test file while recording video, (roughly 3 mins)
Ortur power Test.lbrn (44.7 KB)

Hi There,
Thanks for getting back so quickly! I ran the test using some yellow upholstery leather. Laser never left a mark. This is material i was initially getting a result with. I ran the test twice, I also noticed that when I simply press ‘fire’ in move tab, no light visible. Link to video


The google link It is requesting a code for access

When using the laser though you said no blue light apears on top of the laser head?
Just a red one?

Do you have access to a multimeter?

Sorry, blue led also comes on, gonna try and get video link to work for you, big file!

This link might work better. no multi meter, sorry.


I recieved the code after
QUestion if i may. can you take a pictuire of your laser module at the front, where it shows the stamped model number (bottom right) and has the LUxxxx

How old is this machine and where you bought it from please? (vendor)

Hi there, I received the machine on 6th August. I bought the laser on Ebay I thought Vendor was a German based company, just found out they are Hong Kong based. See photos attached

Can be hong kong but ship from Germany
Seems to me, specially because it a MAY (20E09) Batch your laser might need replacement

For the sake of getting as fast turn arround possible on a replacement i woudl get in touch on Ebay supplier first and see what options he has on returns/replacement.

If that fails do let me know and we get in touch with Ortur China

Thankyou so much for your help at this time on a Sunday night! I ll try the replacement option with ebay. Cheers

Hey my blue light will not turn on. Everything else works but the laser beam. Any suggestions?

Can you open your own post please, and post images of your wiring there?

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Hi there,

I have been having some difficulty oparating my laser in lightburn, I have a Ortur Laser Master 2.
When using it the laser project sent to the laser is nothing like in lightburn . It’s all one black spot or very light engraving. Why am i having this problem? Is it an hardware or software issue?


@Rondell Could you open a thread for your specific problem
Add more information please.
Image of your project as well as cut/fill settings

Sorry, is this so other users can benefit if they have a similar problem? Or is it to try find another solution to my specific problem? Last guidance I got was to get the laser replaced and to be honest, I’ve already contacted the vendor from whom I bought the laser recentlyb(ebay company) to get that moving.

I was replying to Rondell as he added to your thread.

My apologies, bit new to this forum

No worries :slight_smile: usually if you see a @tag means that message is adressed to said person
(also notifys them)

Can you please send a zoomed in picture of
And this taken closer and from the front ish