Ortur 15W lens cracked

Hello all,

I’ve cracked my lens when I removed it from my laser to clean it and the interior. Is there a replacement available anywhere? I haven’t been able to fine one anywhere. The unit worked perfectly until I screwed up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi George

Not sure if there are avaialble replacement lense from ortur itself, but email me at support@ortur3dprinter.com and i will inquire for you


Thanks! I sent you an email

Forwarded to Ariel at Ortur
She will be in touch with you George


Thank you!

Hello, I just noticed that I have a LU7W 19K23 module. Seems I was shipped a 7W instead of a 15W, bummer.

That part you would need to check with your vendor. Where did you get it from please?

I purchased it from a seller on eBay. He doesn’t have any, I already checked with him.

Ariel will follow up. I dont do sales sorry, just support

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