Ortur 15w, wanting to home past limit switch / not burning strong after a few engraves

Recently having issues with laser wanting to home past limit switch on bottom left of my Ortur 15w laser engraver. I end up having to click the limit switch myself with by hand to stop it, otherwise it goes for another 30 sec or so till it stops. I eventually get it to show 0 for position at home but still have issues when I turn on engraver the next time. I’ve grounded the engraver to my computer hub to help with any static. I’ve checked my wire ties and plugs making sure everything is tight and snug. I have the Baud rate at the highest 921. this thing is becoming very frustrating and though Light burn would help make things better or easier. Also I take advise seen in the forums about engraving an image on wood and what speeds and power. I started making some headway , but then it stopped engraving at low power and speed settings. I started at 400mm/min at 50% Dither, 254 DPI, and went up slowly in the settings , now nothing .

help, this is driving me nuts

if your machine is not stopping when it hits moves to position 0,0 but you can manually push the switch and stop it then you need to look for why it is no longer pushing the switch when it moves. That has nothing to do with Lightburn.

What Ortur model do you have?

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