Ortur 2 - 20W (5.5W output) - Is my laser actually packing 5.5W?

As soon as I put the Ortur 2 together, I figured I would try an easy test: cutting white paper.
I adjusted the focus to have the sharpest possible dot on my piece of paper, but I could barely get anything out of it.
I switched the lens with a G-8 lens and managed to cut paper. But the parameters seem to be off compared to the ref table I got from Ortur:
The minimum speed/power combinations are as follows:
a) 800 mm/min 55% power
b) 1000 mm/min 70% power
c) 1400 mm/min 100% power

Am I missing something? Is there a setting I missed in Lightburn?

The key here is white paper. You have a visible light laser, which is strongly reflected by white surfaces. Try darkening the paper, or using off-white, or better still, colored paper. It will absorb much more of the laser energy.

Ok. Thx! I supposed I am worrying too much. I’ll see when I start trying to cut plywood if I’m still far off.

Btw, congratulations on your software, the quality is outstanding and its reputation as the reference is well deserved!