Ortur 20w diode laser stops firing

My ortur 20w starts engraving for a few characters then stops firing. The diode continues to move as it should but with out engraving. The light beam is very faint. How can I know if this is caused by Light burn or is it a malfunction in the machine?
I am thinking of upgrading to a 60w diode but not knowing if the problem is in software or machine.
Any ideas for a fix?

you can troubleshoot this a few ways. One way is to simplify the design so it’s gcode is quite simple and look to see if the gcode matches what the laser is doing. GCode can be exported so you can just read it with a standard Text editor. Something like a long rectangular(narrow) box so it’s like a long line with the Fill mode type. The second way is to try another gcode sender(LaserWeb maybe) and see if the laser does the same thing. https://laserweb.yurl.ch/ . Third thing is to look at the cable to the laser head and make sure none of the wires are fraying or broken. Forth thing is to put a volt meter on the power supply providing power to the Ortur and see if it is maintaining its voltage.

I doubt that lightburn is changing it’s control codes mid stream. This is more than likely a hardware issue.

The voltmeter will tell you if the pwm to the laser is operating and if the supply to the laser is failing. This would be my first choice.

LEDs, although rarely, become intermittent, usually because they are getting warm. Might want to lower the power level and rerun.

Anytime you have failures, it’s wise to look over the machine for loose parts, cables/wiring and connectors. These machines are generally not known for top quality parts…

I don’t know what your technical level is, but unless you know gcode, it’s a learning curve.

To measure it with a voltmeter it has to be failing so it will have to run and you will have to be able to measure it with a meter, preferably, as it’s running.

You want to see what it is normally and what it is under the failure condition.

Maybe @OrturTech, Gill will drop by and tell us the issue… :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Sound wiring issue to me
Any chance you can inspect the pinboard above the Y stepper
Unplug both cables and look inside?

It looks like the wire connector going to the top of the diode is loose or maybe a loose wire going to the connector. I had it on fire over a black test card and found the beam would be on and off as I played with the connector. I did get it operating to do a small project but then it went dead again for another work. Is there a lead to replacement of the wire harness. The diode was strong when I got it to work so we a narrowed down to wire connection.

can you take a image of the connector exactly you talking about?

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