Ortur 20w Fixed Focus problem

Quick question, i had updated the firmware but ever since i did the unit is just off… I’m using lightburn. Ortur 20w LM2 fixed focus. I can get burns, but lightburn cannot find the laser. I select the gbrl or whatever it is, then it works. It will home, but if i try to burn it’ll give me out of bound area.

I will move the laser, set current position, set lower left corner or center depending, check frame and it will frame 2 inches away. If i use the little pin thing to move the laser, it moves to the opposite place away from where i selected.

I move the tile to where the laser wants to start to get a burn.

When i get a out of bounds, it locks itself out and i have to shut down and restart. Unlocking doesn’t correct it.

It was working perfectly until i updated the firmware…

And yes, in lightburn i cleared the default as the instructions said too…

(Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System)
They’ll help you with it, I had a similar problem.

They also have videos for firmware updating.

So, I feel like an idiot. I figured out my problem. I wasn’t using the machine to move the laser. I was moving it where I wanted it to start from.

I corrected the issue, by homing the laser. Using the teardrop to move the laser, roughly, where I wanted to burn - then moving the workpiece to the location of the laser.

I was thinking the current position setting knew where the laser was - but I believe it always thinks the current position is at home. Moving it by hand doesn’t give the laser info on where it is, esp. after homing. If that made sense… Again, I feel like an idiot. lol

Thank you for your help, though…

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