Ortur Aufero Laser 2 moves and stops at 1 spot and starts burning on burn start

I’ve got a new Aufero laser 2 from ortur and it’s working great so far, still working with the trial version of lightburn. I’ve got one issue that’s ruining some of my pieces though. Occasionally after framing when I press play, or start, the laser head will move to one location then stop and start burning on high power instead of following the file. I press stop to cancel, reposition the head, and start the file again and it’s fine.

No errors are popping up in the console that I can see when this happens, also I cannot seem to make this predictably happen. I’ve tried making sure to reset with a STOP right after framing but that does not seem to fix it. It seems to happen like 30-40% of the time.

Is this potentially just an error with the trial version?

I am running the trial version of lightburn off of an Acer aspire, running windows 10.

Almost certainly no. The trial and permanent licenses work in the same program, just a different license type.

Can you take a full screenshot of a design loaded and ready to burn? I can’t imagine a scenario where a higher laser power is used intermittently. I can imagine some scenarios where the laser head moves to a different location than anticipated but the laser power is hard to account for.

Here is a design I used to test cutting earlier today.

Again. Once I stop and restart it, there are no issues. Just occasionally when I press start it moves to one spot and stays there with the laser on. Has happened on various files I’ve used.

I don’t see anything obvious in the screenshot. I generally advise people to use Absolute Coords (instead of current position) as it’s more intuitive in terms of work piece location. Since your machine does not have limit switches you would need to turn on the machine with the laser head situated at front left for this to work.

However, that wouldn’t explain the exact symptoms you’re seeing.

Other thing I would suggest is if you don’t have the latest firmware version to upgrade to the latest. I believe you should be on 1.87. You can see this in Console when you start the machine.

It was on firmware 1.86, I updated it today to 1.87. Will see if that fixes the problem.

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