ORTUR Baud Rate / Lightburn Baud Rate

I have 20w ORTUR running Win 10, it will engrave no problem, my issue is with cutting. I did some test cuts like you see so many do with the squares at different power, speed etc, it cut well albeit slowly but I expected that being a Diode but if I try to replicate the cut settings on another piece of the same material it will not cut through. I have since tried G7 lens and G2 lens adjusting the focus using a hand held microscope on black card - still same and i’m head scratching now.
The only thing when checking settings that I can see is the Baud Rate in Lightburn is 115/200 and ORTUR advertise 921600, not sure what this mean and unsure this id my issue anyway it thought it good to ask ?

The baud rate is largely irrelevant - it’s how fast the computer sends data to the controller, but is basically ignored by these machines because they aren’t using a “real” serial port, but a USB connection.

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