ORTUR error hepl!

Help. I purchased an Ortur LM-2 a while back and it doesn’t want to play nice with Lightburn. Before we all blame the laser. Here is some info. I have installed the grounding harness from Ortur and also had the control board replaced. I have 2 other DIY lasers that it runs fine with (thus the reason I have purchased the Lightburn software License). On to my problems… The laser will sometimes error out with “error 9 or 3” or it will just stop in the middle of a job “stream complete”. I uninstalled Lightburn and reinstalled version 0.9.18 and it will run fine. At least it has so far. Any newer versions I try will cause the errors. Is there a fix for this or am I stuck with the older version?

Did you update the firmware on the new board?
Also, you might have better luck on this trying the hardware/ortur category. There are ortun service people (person) monitoring that category.

I did update the firmware. I will check with that topic tonight.

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