Ortur h10 20 software problems

new ortur h10 20, hooked to lightburn, 1. donot know what todo with files in manual, none in english. 2. material test stops halfway thru. 3. job says takes 10 min but moduel seems to be moving slower than speed assigned to it and the times is more than double than assigned. 4. seems like lightburn and h10 are not compatible. all kinds of little problems.

Are these Ortur supplied files? English is all I know, and there are plenty of documents and videos that I can use.

This could be a sign of USB communications issues.

Line mode estimated times is very accurate. The times for scanning does seem to be longer than computed. I just double whatever it says and go on.

Lightburn ic compatible with hundreds of machines. Is it 100% compatible with all of them? no. Why? Because the manufacturers want to keep their software secret. I am not going to list all the possibilities, but there are more than 20 “customized” versions of GRBL alone out there.

You stated a lot of complaints, but not specifically what issue is currently keeping you from making things.

We are here to help.

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