Ortur Laser 1.3 : overheating motor stepper

Soo…I start a simple laser engraving on my Ortur laser. But After like 10 min the 2 stepper motor are really really hot. I make some research and it look like it is a problem of too much electric power on motors. Buuut I can’t find the Potentiometer on the card. And i don’t know where to change that setting on a software like laserGRBL.

So if someone can help. thx Here the scheme of the card.

Sans titre|690x473

How hot? Stepper motors can get hot enough to burn you but still be completely within their specs. They do run hot.

very hot. I can’t touch them after 10 min. I have an other machine with the same motor and after 1 hour of engraving they are barely warm. ( I am unlucky 2 machine with the same problem, first one i repair it by adjusting the little Potentiometer on it.)

Ok i will try a run with the hot one. and check if it stop by overheating.

ok soo…it work during one hour without a problem…still hot but work.

I suppose all is OK. Thank for the help Oz.

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