Ortur laser master 2 15 watt

I’m trying to cut out some shapes in paper, some ellipses and others. The start and finish points don’t join up on most of the shapes, unfortunately the ‘tab’ length differs considerably otherwise I could use overcut to complete the cut, any ideas.
Hoping someone can help.

see uploads for details.

A couple things are likely:

  • You’re slightly out of focus, based on the size of the lines I can see in your picture

  • You’re cutting pure white paper with a visible light diode - most of the light is reflected because the paper is white. You’ll have better luck with something a bit darker, or you’ll need to use more power to make sure you punch through when moving slowly at the start / end of cuts (or use overcut, as you mentioned)

Thanks for the reply, yes it definitely works better on darker paper, I was wondering why some of the uncut tabs were much larger on some of the shapes than others?
Will work on the focus, a pain to sort out without a movable Z axis :grinning:

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