Ortur laser master 2 2nd pass

I recently purchased the ortur laser master 2 and I’ve been having the problem of sometimes when doing the 2nd pass it wants to do it just a little bit lower than the first. It mostly does it when it gets done doing the pattern and I realize it could use another pass so I hit go again without touching anything at all.

What have you got set for Z step per pass?

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 11.17.55 PM

Check this thread: Z moving up when trying to cut mutiple passes

Where can I find that at? I found z axis controls in the settings and that has everything disabled. Im very new to laser engraving

the thread link I put in my last post has a lot more info that is relevant to your problem.

Ok i just changed it, ill try it out on something here in a little bit. Thanks this is much appreciated and will hopefully reduce some choiced words lol

It did it to me again, 2nd pass was fine but the 3rd one was off

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